Armorial Bearings granted to Robert Lord alias Laward of London in 1510; College of Arms MS L10 folio 105b; copyright of the College of Arms, London. Used by permission.

Sailing on Strangford Lough.

I am an archeologist, geographer, researcher, and writer, but mostly I am an explorer. In my more than half century of explorations (written in 1993) I have come to enjoy and appreciate a great many things. This webpage is a place to collect some of those things that interest me. It is a place to leave fragments behind for others to consider and perhaps to also find of interest.

As you can see by the table of contents below, this is not a small undertaking. I expect this project to go on for several months before it becomes a final product. So you will find many parts of it under construction for a while to come.

But please come back and re-visit the site, because I will be adding new sections from time to time until it is done. If you like some part of it or are made curious by something you see here, please feel free to e-mail me.

This website was begun in the 1990's, so some of the links on these pages may be "dead".  If you encounter a dead link, you may contact me at the email address above, and if I myself am not dead, I will try to get you the correct URL. 

Table of Contents

Homes and Hometowns

Hoags Corners
AP 1993-2013

Building it from Scratch (Being revised and expanded - check back)

Models and Miniatures - Background 
My Model Railroad: The New Woodstock Project
A 1790s Mohawk River Batteau 2003 Model - New
A 1770s Delaware River Durham boat 2014 Model - New
Durham Boat Design - Guide for Modelers - New
A 1770s Delaware River Ferryboat 2015 Model - New
A Trio of 1770s Delaware River Durham boats 2015 Models - New
 Wooden Ships - Miniature Sailing Vessels   New
 Flats, Scows & Ferries  New
 Thole Pins  New
Delaware River ferries c. 1776  New
 Valley Forge Hut - model  New
 Valley Forge Hut - documentation  New

Searching for the Evidence

Lord family history - 1580 to 1680  
Tragopans and Kings - Lord family history - 1510 to 1610  
Lord Arms in America  The true source revealed!
 My other Webpages  Links to my work-based research webpages
WaterWays West  The inland waterways and early canals of NY State
Wood Creek  Evidence of early navigation sites on Wood Creek
German Flatts Canal  Archeology of the 1798 canal
The Neck - 1730  The first canal project in New York State
Poles and Steam  The first experimental steamboat on the Mohawk
Civil War Research based on an original Civil War requisition
Lord vs. Russell - 1622 The lease dispute over lands in Towcester in 1622
Lords of Whittlewood Some 16th century Lord origns in Whittlewood?
Lords of the Sea  Connection of Lord family to shipping in the 17th century
Richard Lord's 1610 Seal  
Poor Man's Stereo Microphotography  
Lord Arms - Genealogy and Heraldry
Engine 215: The Last Train
The Paris Impressions of Henry Rogers
 Desmaretz Durnford, Royal Engineer  Online Biography of 18th c. engineer
 Arrowheads?  A teaching handout on Archeology and Prehistoric Artifacts
 Landmarks & Pathways  Colonial roads in the Mohawk/Susquehanna interface

Just Because...

Crannogs and Raths  Some of these links are extinct
The Meaning of Life
Art: Paintings and Such

Leftovers, Tall Tales and Misadventures

Hell, Ritzville Again
A story from the road west - 1961.
A Single Coin...
A story about collecting ancient coins - 1999.
"Aircraft Flash, Aircraft Flash"
A story from the Cold War era - 1950s.
Cartwheels... Its Not What You Think.
Just my two cents worth.
The Bremen Town Musicians, or, How I lost my Class Ring.
A story about the Cold War, Europe and chess - 1962.
The Ghost Trains of New Woodstock.
My oldest story - 1944.
Fear of Flying.
A personal overview of aviation history - 1956-present.
Hadrian's Wall - 1999.
A few snapshots from that summer.
Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.
A Family Holiday Tradition.
Forked Lake - 2001.
A spiritual journey into recollection.
The Gothic Crown.
The most beautiful coin in the world!
"Bah, Humbug!"
Reflections on Christmas 2001 and the Ghosts of Christmases Past.
My Friend Henry: 10/10/1988 - 9/28/2003
Recollections of a good dog and a better friend.
Dad's Old Gun
A half century to realize a childhood dream?
An old brass casket
Discovering origins of "medieval" brass box.