Armorial Bearings granted to Robert Lord alias Laward of London in 1510; College of Arms MS L10 folio 105b; copyright of the College of Arms, London. Used by permission.

Bibliography of Sources

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Line of Descent to Author

I. Richard Lord Died Towcester, England - 1611. Born c. 1555.
II. Thomas Lord Born Towcester, England - c.1585.
III. William Lord, II Born Towcester, England - 1618.
IV. Lieut. Richard Lord Born Saybrook [now Lyme], Connecticut - 1647.
V. Judge Richard Lord Born Lyme, Connecticut - 1690.
VI. High Sheriff Lynde Lord Born Lyme, Connecticut - 1733. [Sheriff of Litchfield, CT.]
VII. Lynde Lord, 2nd Born Litchfield, Connecticut - 1762. [Lawyer and Deputy Sheriff]
VIII. Joseph Lyman Lord Born Litchfield, Connecticut - 1790.
IX. Joseph Sproat Lord II Born Taunton, Massachusetts - 1832.
X. Charles Joseph Lord Born Flatbush, New York - 1859.
XI. Philip Lea Lord, Sr. Born East Orange, New Jersey - 1917.
XII. Philip Lea Lord, Jr. Born Upper Darby, Pennsylvania - 1941.

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