Hi there, Meghan.

I had to write this in sort of a hurry, so all I could find to write on was this old crumpled up Hannaford bag. But I kind of like the way it looks, anyway.

I thought I would hide this special, secret link on my webpage for you so you would always know where to go to find this special message, and you can look here for other ones I will leave from time to time when I get back.

Hadrian's Wall.

A coin like mine.

We wish you could be here (wherever we are right now - probably up north on the border between England and Scotland, exploring Hadrian's wall). You know me and those Romans! I brought my Hadrian coin that Thom gave me for Christmas along, and will lay it on the wall for a minute... to soak up some good Karma.

But you really made the right decision to stay home and keep on with your job, which is going to pay off when you move and get re-settled, because it might let you just walk right into a new job at the Syracuse Dick's. If you like the work and you like the company and the way it does business - and it sounds like a better than average corporation - then why switch?

You are really amazing... how you have always gone out on your own and gotten jobs, even from an early age. I never did that. My parents always had to find them for me. But you got the McDonald's job, then the Gregory House, and then the Laundramat (which was sort of a cool job), and now big time corporation work at Dick's. And you did it all yourself!

And the class will be good also. I hope it is not too tiring, but you have probably adjusted to a more evening schedule, because of your late work hours, anyway.


How is the little Furbish? I miss his endless chatter, I want to "tickle him again...hee ...hee." Is he getting smarter? Does he still burp? I love it when he goes "Bbuurrrp... Uh Oh,,,, hee, hee."

Boy, the summer seems to have flown by. I guess it is because you are moving the beginning of August, when there is still almost a month of vacation for the little kids yet. We will be home in a few days, and then a couple weeks of relaxing, and then we can help you get moved.

I think you will enjoy being on your own in a new place, once you get adjusted to being someplace different. At least you are familiar with the City and the appartment sounds real nice. Can't wait to see it.


Well, just wanted to send this little greating.... don't let the flowers die, and hope you are enjoying your vacation.

Love you and will see you real soon....