Hi there, Meghan.

I don't know if you have time for this, or even if you want to try it, but I was thinking we could create a short story together, if you want.

You remember that kids game where you tell a ghost story, and each person adds on to it until the bell rings, and then the next one picks up the tale, and so on around the room?

Well what if we tried to construct a story from parts, not knowing where it would end up? I would write a paragraph and then you, then me, etc.

If it turns out, we can try and get it published, and at least on my webpage, if nowhere else.

I already did up the opening paragraph. It was something I was writing in my head the other day while driving to work, and I was thinking about how the first paragraph of a story is supposed to be a grabber and how much a first paragraph can reveal about the characters. I had to pull over to write it down, and that is when I got this idea. We could e-mail the paragraphs back and forth, and I would update the story here on this page so we could read it as it developed.

If you are too busy, or it doesn't sound like much fun, don't worry about it..... just a thought.

Here is my first paragraph:

Millicent-Ann Gerber was a very efficient young woman. She accomplished three things in quick order whenever she entered a room. First, she stopped all conversation. Second, she caused all the men in the room to turn their heads in one direction - hers. And third, she annoyed most of the women who saw her, particularly the married ones. And yet, to the casual observer, and anyone who didn't really know her, she appeared to be completely oblivious of this effect.

Well, that is all I have for now. Stay warm.

Love you...


PS. Here's a little recipie you might try out. I invented it when your guys were in Syracuse and I was here alone.


Serves one person three times, or three people once.


  • One box of your favorite pasta.
  • One quart jar of your favorite pasta sauce, like Alfredo.
  • An onion.
  • A garlic clove.
  • A medium to large bag of your favorite frozen vegetables (you can use fresh).
  • (Optional) Some meat, if you are serving it to carnivores.

  1. Beforehand (if you are going to be rushed when you want to eat) cook up the box of pasta in plenty of water until tender (not mushy). Drain and put in Tupperware contained and refrigerate for later.
  2. Put pot or skillet on medium heat and put in 3 tablespoons of olive (or other) oil, enough to cover bottom.
  3. Peel one clove (one section) of garlic (more if you like garlic), chop into little bits, and put in pan.
  4. Chop up one small onion or part of a larger onion and add to pan.
  5. Stir until they are tender.
  6. Add chopped fresh vegetables or one third (for one person) frozen ones and stir until they are cooked. If pan looks dry add a little water (not much) or more oil.
  7. Add enough of the cooked pasta for your appetite(s). Stir until warmed through.
  8. When hot, pour over one third of the jar of sauce and stir until hot.
  9. Serve with green salad.

Note: If you are serving carnovires, chop and cook their meat in a separate pan in oil until done, keep warm and stir into their portions just before serving.

Remember, use one third of everything you bought for three individual dinners, but use if all for a dinner for three.

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