Armorial Bearings granted to Robert Lord alias
Laward of London in 1510; College of Arms MS L10 folio 105b;
copyright of the College of Arms, London. Used by permission.

St. Lawrence Church, Towcester

St. Lawrence Church.

The ancient St. Lawrence Parish Church.

St. Lawrence Church.

Through this door walked all the Lords of Towcester from c1600 to 1635.

Photographs taken by the author on a trip to Towcester in 1993.

Unfortunately in a move to beautify the burial grounds around English churches some long time ago, people removed most of the gravestones, including many of the ones which stood near this church in Towcester. So there is no way to find the graves of Richard and Joan Lord. But we must assume they remain in this spot to this day, and it is to this place that their descendants will come to find their origins.

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