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Hoags Corners - Then & Now

Hoags Corners

Old photographs that capture places as they once were can be revealing when you try and see precisely the same place as it is today.

Way back in the late 1980s, when we lived in Hoags Corners, I borrowed some historic photographs from people in the area that showed what the hamlet was like in the late 1880s - a century before.

And then, as I am prone to do, I attempted to reshoot these historic scenes from precisely the same vantage points - to connect the historic views with the modern landscape.

This exercise ended up making connections through time and revealed how things had changed - or how they had stayed the same in spite of the passage of time.

Melodie was in charge of a little group of Bluebirds (which was sort of a Campfire Girls Club offshoot), and as a project they created a poster of "Hoags Corners: Then and Now".

This is a web version of that project.

Click any image to see an enlarged version.
Looking west down Central Nassau Road past the old red store toward Terry LaCasse's VW service garage (used to be the church).
Looking northwestly to where the little park later would be, and where the old Casino (dance hall and laundramat) stood until the late 1970s.
Looking north along the road to Albany, showing how the yellow house used to be an old store (doorway changed).
Looking across Rte 43 from the Hotel. It appears the red store used to be a house, and the yellow house used to be a store.

The view below is from a height of land west of the hollow. It is very early, probably around 1880. The hotel is shown at the lower left corner of the picture and houses can be seen sprinkled along the hollow as the road runs up.

Our old house can just barely be seen. To see our house indicated, click here.

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