Armorial Bearings granted to Robert Lord alias
Laward of London in 1510; College of Arms MS L10 folio 105b;
copyright of the College of Arms, London. Used by permission.

Hadrian's Wall 1999

At the wall.

The pivot point of our trip to northern England, for me, was to stand at Hadrian's Wall holding the coin of Hadrian given me for Christmas by my cousin. I carried that coin in my jacket pocket the whole way, both with that goal in mind, and also as a sort of good luck token.

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At the wall.

Me, in one of the rare moments I wasn't taping; Melodie, and her Uncle from Northern Ireland, Harry (his boat on my homepage...), high on a windswept ridge near the Scottish border, in the Roman fort at Housteads, on Hadrian's Wall. Aunt Nancy is taking the picture.

Sheep at the wall.

The Romans are gone, but the wall is still well guarded.

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