Hi there, Meghan.

Just a little note to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

I think you are off to a great start with:
  • a great new apartment
  • a nice neighborhood
  • a new job
  • an interesting new city to live in
...and Mom buying you all sorts of things to get you set up.

By the time Frank and Felipe move in, it will already seem like home. When they add in their stuff, and you get some time to sort of live in the space together, it will start to take on your own distinctive style.

It was great to see what you have already done with the place, and I can't wait to visit when it is all filled up. I want you to take me to the zoo, too. I am sort of jealous that Mom gets to do all that neat stuff, and because of the old Henry-Dog I can't really come out for much time. But there is lots of nice weather yet, including the great Fall leaf-peeping times, that I can get out and see the animals.

Sounds like you really did terrific in your summer school course. Maybe the evening class environment is more conducive to really learning - people are more serious about wanting to be there.

I want to get back into teaching in continuing education - evenings and weekends, but so long as I have to do this overtime work to get the extra pay, I don't have time. I am asking them to just give me the promotion, so I can work 40 hours a week, get the extra money, and have time afterhours to get into teaching. I always liked the evening classes, because the mix of older and younger (working and student) class members really made it interesting and fun. Plus when I retire, I could use teaching as extra income.

Well, just a little house-warming note. More later....

Love you and will see you again, either here or there, real soon....


Don't let that middle batch of balloons float away - looks like it is taking off!

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Photo Gallery

Dad, a little younger.Your Dad.

Mom, a little younger.Your Mom.

Henry, doing his usual thing.Your Dog.

Dad, in the office, pretending to be the big cheese.The big cheese!

Mr. Stone Head.Cousin Mergatroid.