Armorial Bearings granted to Robert Lord alias
Laward of London in 1510; College of Arms MS L10 folio 105b;
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My Friend Henry

October 10, 1988 - September 28, 2003

My friend Henry

Christmas morning - 2002

This is one of the last pictures I took of Henry - Christmas of 2002. He always loved opening his own presents, but he probably did not realize that he gave us all much more than we ever gave him. He had a good life, and while we are sad, we are sad for us, having to miss him, not for him. We made sure he enjoyed himself, and when we knew that had stopped, we made sure he left us peacefully and painlessly. That is all anyone can do for a pet.

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I am going to put some more pictures of Henry here as time goes by. Sad as it can be, we keep his spirit alive the more we remember him.

I was adopted by the Lord Family,
December 23rd, 1989
from the Columbia-Greene Humane Society
Age 14 months.

My Family - Summer 1994
Me and my Dad Me and my Mom Me and my sister

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Christmas 1989 This is the first picture I took of Henry, Christmas morning, 1989; just two days after we rescued him, all nervous and scared, from the pound. He still looks a little dazed, as if to say "Gosh, I don't know where I am, but I already got this nice chewy bone and this little girl seems to like me."

May 2003 May 2003 This is the last picture I took of Henry, in May 2003. He loved to sleep on the couch and rest his head on the pillow. When I saw him like this, I knew he was still happy and contented, and I saw him exactly this way the morning before he died. We should all hope far as good an ending.

July 1990 July 1990 The first summer after we got Henry, in 1990, we went on a long cross-country trip, and left him with his "Grandparents". I can't imagine what he thought, but he got lots of loving care while we were away, and when we came home at last, he jumped so from joy he almost knocked us all over. "Grandpa" managed to snap a picture of the joyful reunion. I think at this moment we knew a special bond had been created between us all.

Summer 2003 Summer 2003 "Ok, is anybody going to walk me or what?"

Summer 1999 Summer 1999 Henry often got to watch us doing various gardening chores while tied to the tree in the front yard. He seems to be having some attitude issues this day, or maybe it was just windy.

Henry enjoyed Christmas the way no other dog ever has or ever will again. We always wrapped some treats for him and put them under the tree. For a dog who loved to shred paper, he was very careful on Christmas morning only to touch the presents he knew were his. He would sniff around the packages until he found one he knew was for him. Then he would parade around the house with it proudly in his mouth before settling down to ripping off the paper and exploring the contents.
1989 1993 1995
1989 - My 1st Xmas19931995
1993 -"Does this say Henry?"1990 - "Look what I got!"1995 - "I told you it was for me."
When we had upwrapped out own presents, Henry often liked to play with the paper. Sometimes I think he thought that was part of his present.

Xmas 1995 Christmas 1995 "Hey, you're not going to eat that whole cookie, are you?"

Winter 1990 Meghan and Henry had a special bond. He had his problems at first, but Megahn took on the task of taking him to Dog Obedience School, and that made all the difference. So he thought she was special!

Heaven - Christmas 1993

Goodbye, My Friend

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